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"The Little Daycare with Lots of Love”

Our two boys, 8 and 4, have now been going to this daycare for three years, and we have been extremely pleased with the care and education they have received. Our oldest son had gone to a few other daycares, some of which were national brand facilities, and even ones that were brand new—Kidoodle may not be the newest or have a national brand, but it has been a place that we and our children consider a home away from home. Other daycares seem to run their centers more like a business and we never felt like our children received the same kind of care and attention. The culture is very welcoming and the staff all teaches and cares for the children as if they were their own. When we first visited the daycare, we talked to other parents to hear their experiences. Overwhelmingly, every parent that we spoke to had very positive things to say—from the great teachers, to the love and care for the children. That is why we wanted to share our positive experiences and relieve any concerns parents may have (as they should have before leaving their children).

It is our pleasure to recommend this daycare, and we welcome parents to contact us if they have any questions.


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